Our buoyage models are a fantastic way to challenge your students, they can build their own versions and show you their level of understanding.
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All our laterals come in four segments and can be preferred channel marks

Buy a set of 4 for the price of 3!

Red and white vertical stripes, with no movable parts
Interchangeable with segments of the port hand buoyage

Solid orange with eye on top
4 Cardinals, 2 pairs of Laterals, Safe Water, Isolated Danger, 2 Moorings and a set of wind and tide arrows
All our cardinals have removable and inter-changeable segments for base, middle, top and arrows

Buy all 4 for the price of 3!
Cardinal Marks £6 each
Laterat Channel Marks £5 each
Safe Water Mark £7
Isolated Danger £6
Mooring Buoy £2
Full Set of Buoyage £39 (save £28)