We make model RIBs and other boats, to your sepcifications and design. These are great as gifts, training aids or demonstration pieces. They are however NOT toys, they are made of small and fragile parts which pose a choking risk.
Plymouth Sea Safety
Other Boats
Wind and Tide
Custom Parts
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Braye Sea School
10 cm model
Perfect to put on a white boards
Great for crew briefings or race plans
£23 for a 10cm model, plus design fees and shipping

Everything can be customised to suit you, from logos and names to colour schemes and extras.

Once we recieve your order we will request photos and other details to work from and send designs for your aproval.
Every product is made to order, please allow 5 working days
Model RIBs
Model Buoyage
Message us and we will find the perfect set to match your needs!
What would be in your set?

trailer to match your RIB
Land Rover tow vehicle
buoyage set
wind & tide arrows
isolated danger buoy
safe water mark
Sailing dinghy
Customised RIB from £23
Full training sets
Magnetic RIB £35
Trailer to match 10cm RIB £19
Land rover tow vehicle £19
Current colours available